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saturday evening

1 Location: Kitay-gorod district, Moscow: Russia,13.04.2013, fotoscan, ilford film, rybakova diana, One day of my life
the first warm day in Moscow (2013), saturday evening, now we are happy and worry-free,
we walk in the Kitay-gorod (one of the most beautiful districts of Moscow)

2 А крыши видели закат,
И стены помнили войну,
А я так счастлив, я так рад,
Что кто-то счастлив. / Auktion
3 Gagarin, Ksenia, and I. What song are you listening to right now?

4 near China Pilot Jao Da club, last sigarette, funny boy with flowers
Ksenia sings "Oskolki" song by russian Art-rock band Auktion

5 China Pilot Jao Da club, kuker house, Ksenia's friends (Dasha, painter Paul and his muse Tanya Vos', Aleosha),
we were talking about work, Gera Morales and travels

6 Ksenia, left us and went home. And again new face today is Anton.
We were talking about our favorite personages in the american TV series "Sex in the city", he said that Amanda scares him.

7 China Pilot Jao Da club, Gera Morales and his band

8. Guitarist and author of music Gera Morales in 1989 formed the first Russian reggae band Jah Division

9 China Pilot Jao Da club, DashaCaught in a landslide,
© фотограф Рыбакова Диана / © photography by diana rybakova
Tags: kodak/ilford
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